Saxonia Militaria

Imperial German Militaria (1816-1918)

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H. 36 HELMETS AND HEAD DRESS of the IMPERIAL GERMAN ARMY 1870-1918 Book by RH Rankin produced 1965 ..
Hard back 152 pages of most of the dress helmets in the German army. An Early classic text essential to those with a sense of nostalgia for Pickelhauben, both collectors and fanciers. Very scarce now, in excellent condition.
£28 -..Without dust cover
£35.with dust cover
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H. 50 Maybauers Helmet Plates and Shoulder Strap Monograms Booklet
The classic collection and recognition booklet. 4 black and white pages packed with actual period examples of Helmet plates and Officers metal shoulder strap monograms....

Page 1 Infantry Helmet Plates.
Page 2 Cavalry Helmet Plates
Page 3 Artillery / Pioneer Helmet Plates
Page 4 Officer Shoulder strap Monograms.

Indispensable to all Imperial German collectors..
UK £6.50 Including postage
Overseas £8.50 Including postage

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